July 21, 2024

Join the Fight to Make Things Right at the Big Three!

Ford, GM and Stellantis made a combined QUARTER-TRILLION DOLLARS in
North American profits over the last decade. But UAW members never got
their fair share. Over 25,000 UAW members at 43 facilities in 21 states
have now joined the historic strike against Ford, General Motors, and

New strike locations:


Ford – Chicago Assembly, Local 551

General Motors – Lansing Delta Assembly, Local 602

Autoworkers are standing up to raise standards at the Big Three and for
every worker!

Here’s how to stand up for autoworkers:

    * Join UAW members 24/7 picket line at the Stellantis Parts

Distribution Center in Beaverton (10030 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton, OR
97005)! Join as an individual or organize a group picket with your
* Join the Climate Jobs meet-up at the UAW picket line this Friday,
October 6th, at Noon. (more, in the Climate Jobs section.)
* Send us your photos, tag us in your posts, and pick up a Realtree
JWJ logo shirt to wear on the picket line [4]- just like Shawn Fain!
Email Tyler (tyler@jwjpdx.org) or Jill (jill@jwjpdx.org) to purchase!

    * Tell the Big Three: [5] Record Profit Means Record Contracts.
    * Call 1-318-300-1249 to leave a message for the CEOs of Ford, GM, and

Stellantis and tell them UAW members deserve the same 40% raise they got
over the last four years