June 17, 2024

Tennessee Volkswagen employees overwhelmingly vote to join United Auto Workers union

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — Employees at a Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, overwhelmingly voted to join the United Auto Workers union Friday in a historic first test of the UAW’s renewed effort to organize nonunion factories. The union wound up getting 2,628 votes, or 73% of the ballots cast, compared with only 985 who voted […]

Housing is a Human Right! Solidarity Rally – Monday, 4 pm Ashland Plaza

On Monday, The US Supreme Court will begin their review of Johnson VGrants Pass. Their ruling will have a nationwide impact on how communitieshandle homelessness. Six years ago, a federal appeals court held that the Constitution “barsa city from prosecuting people criminally for sleeping outside in publicproperty when those people have no home or other […]

State of the Free Press 2024: The Importance of an Independent Press and Critical Media Literacy in a “Post-Truth” World

State of the Free Press 2024: The Importance of an Independent Press and Critical Media Literacy in a “Post-Truth” WorldWednesdayApril 17th7:00 PMRogue Valley Metaphysical Library – 1757 Ashland St, Ashland.In the age of new and powerful tools of communication, democracy has become more fragile and vulnerable to attacks by ideological extremists and partisans. What is […]

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice Endorses Just Cause Campaign

SOJWJ Calls Upon Their Network To Join The Campaign To End At-Will Employment SALEM, OR – Early evening Valentine’s day, the Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice unanimously endorsed prospective ballot initiative 2024-049 for Just Cause. SOJWJ brings together labor unions, religious congregations, student groups and community organizations to improve working peoples’ standard of living, job […]

SOJWJ’s Jason Houk addresses Ashland City Council

My message to Ashland City Council tonight. I am an organizer with Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, a non-profit with a goal of improving our community’s standard of living. We are sponsors of the Ashland Community Peace Meal and other efforts to provide aid and resources for our most vulnerable neighbors.We value and appreciate all […]

Viewpoint: We should be using Pioneer Hall now to feed the unhoused and hungry

The public building has served as the hub for community meals for years — and could fill that role now except for the city’s unnecessary ban on its use, says one of the groups behind the Ashland Peace MealBy Jason Houk I wanted to address some confusion and help paint a more complete picture of […]

Open Pioneer Hall!

For the past 8 years, the city of Ashland has worked with the community peace meal to help ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors were invited inside Pioneer Hall to share meals together, especially during the coldest months of the year. Today, Pioneer Hall sits empty. Our community meals are held outside, regardless of temperatures, […]