July 21, 2024

Why so many workers are striking in 2023: ‘Strikes can often be contagious,’ says expert

Altogether, roughly 453,000 workers have gone on strike so far in 2023 as employees across industries fight for better wages and working conditions in the wake of the pandemic.
In the last few months alone, striking or threatening to strike has led to a string of labor deals where workers have pushed for and won higher pay.
With each successful outcome, others are more likely to follow.

Just as Hollywood’s writers and studios reached a tentative deal to return to work after nearly 150 days, a new strike was brewing.

More than 75,000 health-care workers walked off the job Wednesday at Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest non-profit health-care organization, driven in part by demands for higher pay in the midst of staffing shortages, which left employees burned out.

At the same time, the United Auto Workers strike is ongoing, marking three weeks since the first-ever simultaneous walk out against the Detroit Three.