May 23, 2024

USA TODAY: UPS strike update: Teamsters and UPS closer to a deal, strike not off the table

UPS and its workers’ union are closer to reaching a deal that could improve conditions for more than 340,000 employees nationally.

Over the weekend, the Teamsters union announced it has reached a tentative agreement with the company on “three major economic issues” — a final piece in what the union has called “the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America.”

But union leaders warned a strike isn’t yet off the table as both parties make a final push to reach a full agreement on a new four-year contract by July 5.

The labor contract between UPS and Teamsters will expire at midnight July 31 if an agreement is not reached between the two sides. In June, the Teamsters passed a strike action vote with 97% approval, which would allow the Teamsters to strike if they deem it necessary.