July 21, 2024

RV Times: Asante technical workers vote to unionize while ancillary workers caught in limbo

MEDFORD, Ore. – A vote to unionize over a thousand Asante Rogue Regional employees wrapped up Friday night.

The two organizations looking to unionize workers are SEIU Local 49, representing over 1,100 front-line employees.

They work in departments like intensive care and medical oncology and say they are asking for better working conditions and wages.

“We have workers who are working two jobs just to make ends meet and nobody should have to do that,” said Alan Dubinsky, Communications Director with SEIU Local 49.

The Oregon Nurses Association is representing an additional 270 technical workers like radiologic technologists and licensed practical nurses.

The ONA said that the technical workers overwhelmingly voted to unionize, and will begin negotiating a contract with the hospital.