July 21, 2024

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice (SOJwJ) brings together labor unions, religious congregations, student groups and community organizations to improve working peoples’ standard of living, job security and their right to organize.

SOJwJ’s mission and purpose is to educate Southern Oregonians about working people’s issues and thereby help in the struggle to improve workers’ standard of living, protect and advance the right to organize, fight for job security and safe working conditions, and support contract campaigns and strikes. Our primary method of educating is through cultural events, community forums and rallies.

We participate in struggles for living wage jobs, fair trade, health care, immigrant rights, and against privatization, corporate globalization and inhumane workfare programs.

SOJwJ opposes racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of religious and cultural bigotry, and will actively support struggles against any form of discrimination.

We will support public workers, the services they provide, and the people they serve. We will work with elected officials and candidates who walk the walk as well as talk the talk to support workers’ rights. Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice will participate in nationally coordinated activities and support Jobs with Justice coalitions all around Oregon and throughout the United States.

We  believe that health care is a human right. SOJwJ is an organizational member of the Health Care for All Oregon campaign.

Our mailing Address is:
258 A Street #1-220
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Phone: 541-841-8341

Our meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month. Our meeting are open to members and the public.