May 26, 2024

Housing is a Human Right! Solidarity Rally – Monday, 4 pm Ashland Plaza

On Monday, The US Supreme Court will begin their review of Johnson V
Grants Pass. Their ruling will have a nationwide impact on how communities
handle homelessness.

Six years ago, a federal appeals court held that the Constitution “bars
a city from prosecuting people criminally for sleeping outside in public
property when those people have no home or other shelter to go to.”
Under the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit’s
decision in Martin v. Boise, people without permanent shelter could no
longer be arrested simply because they are homeless.

The Oregon case challenges this premise. in Grants Pass v Johnson, the
Ninth Circuit determined that the city imposed such tight restrictions
on anyone attempting to sleep outdoors that it violated earlier
rulings. The Supreme Court will hear challenges to this case and

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, the Ashland Community Peace Meal and
supporters will gather in Ashland Plaza on Monday, April 22nd at 4 pm in
solidarity with nationwide actions in support of homeless communities
and efforts to ensure everyone has access to safe, affordable housing.
It’s time to prioritize affordable housing and services over arrests and
tickets and work towards solutions that ensure everyone has a safe place
to call home.

Please join us for pizza and sign-waving. If you have any questions,
please call Jason at 541-841-8341,