June 17, 2024

Gov. Tina Kotek testifies Thursday morning to the Senate housing committee in favor of her $500 million proposal to accelerate creation of new homes in Oregon.

Lawmakers return to the Capitol Monday to start their second week of work focused largely on housing and homelessness, adjustments to the state’s landmark drug decriminalization bill and sorting out which of many spending priorities will make the cut.

So far, no bills have reached the House or Senate for a floor vote.

As expected, Gov. Tina Kotek’s $500 million plan to spur creation of thousands of new homes was one of the first bills to get a hearing.

The governor pointed to the long list of supporters for her plan, including unions, business alliances and for- and non-profit housing providers. However, some environmentalists have pushed back on a proposal in her bill to give cities a one-time tool to expand their urban growth boundaries.