June 17, 2024

JPR: USPS considers consolidating services from Medford and Eugene to Portland

SPS says consolidating services would modernize the postal network and increase on-time deliveries. But the changes mean an estimated 18 employees in Medford and 36 employees in Eugene would lose their jobs, according to USPS.
The U.S. Postal Service is reviewing how to make operations more efficient in Medford and Eugene, a process called a mail processing facility review.

As a result, they’re considering moving outgoing mail services to a new regional processing and distribution center in Portland, which would act as a hub for the region.

USPS says the shift would improve efficiency and service, among other reasons. It’s part of the Postal Service’s 10-year nationwide plan called Delivering for America, published in 2021, which aims to modernize the aging network with $40 billion in investments and increase financial stability. Goals in the plan include improving technology, strengthening the delivery network, modernizing vehicles and infrastructure and delivering at least 95% of mail on time.