June 16, 2024

Medford Earmarks $586,350 to Buy Small Duplexes for Homeless Campground

During a recent City Council meeting, Councilors gave their approval for the acquisition of 30 duplex units, which are set to be installed at the new Urban Campground now known as “The Crossings”. The decision came after careful consideration of various factors aimed at providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the community.

In a contract valued at $586,350, the Councilors selected Foldum Corporation as the provider for the duplex units. The City’s consultant strongly recommended Foldum structures, citing their exceptional construction quality and durability. These attributes were deemed crucial in achieving the lowest life-cycle cost, a key aspect for the success of a project like The Crossings.

Funding for this significant purchase primarily stems from Senate Bill 5561, a legislative measure designed to allocate resources to programs or services addressing housing insecurity, lack of affordable housing, and homelessness. The City recognized the urgent need to address these pressing issues and utilized this funding source to invest in long-term solutions for the community.

Having acquired the land on June 16, 2022, the City is actively working on developing the necessary infrastructure to establish The Crossings at its permanent location. The aim is to create a robust, successful low-barrier shelter that surpasses the capabilities of the current site. Located at 842-860 West McAndrews Road, The Crossings is expected to welcome the duplex units before January 10, 2024, providing much-needed relief and support to those facing housing challenges in the community.